Timothy's Law - for Parity-based Mental Health & Chemical Dependency insurance coverage
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Many New Yorkers who believe that health insurance parity for mental health and substance abuse treatment should be a reality in NYS helped pass Timothy's Law. Yet the law in its present form is just a start. Currently the law does not cover substance abuse treatment, a fact that must be addressed.

The Timothy's Law Campaign (TLC) is asking everyone who cares about health insurance parity to contact your legislators and tell them that their constituents want to see Timothy's Law amended to include substance abuse treatment.

Visit our Events page to find out about local events, rallies, and benefits to spread the message about Timothy's Law in your community.

Timothy's Law Talking Points (pdf) summarizes the basics of Timothy's Law and makes the argument for parity. This page can also be copied and shared with others. Using the Talking Points, and the other information on this website, you can educate others about the importance of parity for individuals, families, and businesses.

Stay Up-To-Date: For individuals interested in periodic updates on the status of Timothy's Law and information on upcoming events, please sign up for Timothy's Team updates. For organizations and individuals interested in getting involved with the Timothy's Law Campaign, we encourage you to sign up for regular Timothy's Law Campaign e-mail communications by contacting Ruth Foster at rfoster@ftnys.org or (518) 432-0333 ext. 15.

Our factsheet, The ABC's of Lobbying, gives pointers and advice for constituents meeting with their legislators, or their legislators' staff.

If you are a member of a group, union, church, association, that supports health insurance parity for New York State, please ask your group to add its name to the list of Timothy's Law Supporters. All a group needs to do is fill out this Endorsement Form (pdf) and return it to the Timothy's Law Campaign at rfoster@ftnys.org or fax to (518) 434-6478, and we will add your name to the growing list of New Yorkers who believe the time has come for health insurance parity.

In addition, Timothy's Law is always seeking volunteers to help the Campaign promote its message, both at the Capitol and at the local level. If you are interested in joining the Campaign, please fill in the Volunteer Form (pdf) and return it to the Timothy's Law Campaign (e-mail rfoster@ftnys.org or fax (518) 434-6478). Volunteers are encouraged to form groups of like-minded advocates, to raise awareness of the need for Timothy's Law in their own communities. The Campaign created this Meeting Minutes Form (pdf) to help your group keep a record of your activities, plans, and events. The Campaign invites you to also send us a copy of your Meeting Minutes forms so we can keep abreast of the advocacy efforts of Timothy's Law Supporters across the state.

Our Events page, and Timeline, can give you a sampling of what the Campaign has already done.